Its closed! Our Final Greenfield Land Release for 2017

Its closed! Our Final Greenfield Land Release for 2017

OYOB is pleased to announce the close of another successful Greenfield land release to end 2017. We’re super pleased that the demand for the Greenfield model continues, with the final release of the year 70% oversubscribed, making this one of our biggest releases since the OYOB community began in 2012.

This result stacks up especially well when compared to the general slowing of the property investment market in recent months. Investor mortgage lending fell 6.2% in September compared to August, the largest drop in 2 years.

We feel that property investors are paying more attention to value and the affordability of their investments as banks tighten lending policies. This makes Greenfielding an even more attractive proposition.

Recent property sales in the surrounding areas have been above $300,000.* 

Congratulations to all new and current members who took part in the release. We look forward to catching up with everyone at our next OYOB Community Catchup in the new year!

If you would like to know more about how you can get involved with the OYOB community and our Greenfield land releases, please feel free to comment below or push the big blue contact us button.


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*Projected sale values are indicative of a 400m2 block in ‘River’s Run Stage 2’ based on a comparison against recent land sales in the area as of 10 August 2017. E.g. (i) (ii)

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