The OYOB Property Investment Guide

The OYOB Property Investment Guide

Property Investment in Melbourne in 2017…

One of the things we’ve always set out to do is to help others to learn from our approach to property investment in Melbourne.

Resources like the ‘OYOB Property Investment Guide‘ are one of the ways we try to contribute and to share some of the strategies and lessons that we have learnt in our journey as property investors.

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Real estate and property development are known to be amongst Australia’s safest and most predictable forms of wealth creation. Over the long term, astute investors will have seen the value of their properties rise steadily. In fact, many local property owners have seen a two-fold increase in the price of their home or investment property in Melbourne’s metropolitan areas. What this shows is that as long as you have a clear, and actionable long-term strategy, property is one investment class where historically the average person has had a great chance to succeed.

However, we know from our clients there is still a lot of uncertainty about the ‘right’ strategy to follow. This question is even more important today given Melbourne’s strong growth over the last couple of years. Many clients have asked for our insights into where we are in the property cycle.

To try to answer some of the common questions we receive, the OYOB team has compiled this guide, to give a comprehensive overview of some of the strategies the rich use to invest in property; strategies that we utilise to give us and our clients the very best chance of succeeding in the long term.

It’s never been easier to expand your property investment knowledge.

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