Make your coffee count

Make your coffee count

If given the chance would you…

A. Buy a delicious cup of coffee
B. Spend the same amount to buy the same delicious cup of coffee, but have a percentage of your money go towards solving social problems?

It’s a no brainer.

Purchasing products and services that go beyond a simple transaction to tackle social problems, has never been so relevant. When this becomes second nature, we will all develop together.

Just last month 250 representatives from across Australia attended the 2017 Social Enterprise Conference. The conference Activating Australia’s Social Enterprise Economy: Delivering on Potential aimed to share insights on how to turn big ideas into sustainable social impact. Earlier in the month of June, 63 social enterprises were announced as successful recipients of the Social Enterprise World Forum Australian Bursary Fund. It sounds like a mouthful, however these funds are designed to support Australian social enterprise leaders attending the Social Enterprise World Forum later this year. Did you know of the enterprises that applied for this funding 40% were from Victoria?

We think that’s pretty cool!

There is huge potential and opportunity to participate in social change and we congratulate those social enterprises that applied and received the awarded funding. It is these events and statistics that get us excited about the direction Australian business is going in.  We are delighted to see the success of Australian social enterprises as they leading the way and inspiring all businesses to re-evaluate the way they interact with communities around the world.

It is interesting that in Australia the term social enterprise has no clear legal structure, however, Social Traders defines a social enterprise as organisations that:

  • Are driven by a public or community cause
  • Derive most of their income via trade, not donations or grants
  • Use at least 50% of their profits to work towards their social mission

Social enterprise, cause commerce, profit-for-a-cause are just a few of the terms being throwing around these days. However you want to refer to it, when businesses encourage purposeful action to improve human lives and the world around us, we all benefit. The way we do business, promote business and collaborate to achieve end goals beyond profits is now more relevant than ever.

We at OYOB get excited about the prospect of helping others and truly believe there are limitless ways you can go about it. Whether it be through providing property investment knowledge, running fundraising events or simply choosing to interact with businesses that aim to create sustainable growth in our community and around the world.

social enterprise property investment business

On the cards for us in the next couple of weeks is our Start of Financial Year investor catch up. This event is hosted at Bean Good Coffee Co., a Melbourne café that gives 50% of profits to charity. Bean Good works closely with The BIG Umbrella and every purchase made helps tackle poverty, homelessness and food wastage in Australia and Nepal.

Again, how cool is that!

Our team is also in the planning stage of our 2017 Sri Lankan Bike Ride. It includes covering the length of Sri Lanka (350kms) by bike, raising funds for the Foundation of Goodness to help alleviate poverty in rural Sri Lankan villages.

If you want to know more about these events, how you can get involved or suggest a business we should get in touch with, please feel free to comment below or push the big blue contact us button.

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